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Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 14:42:13 EDT

Dear Suzanne,

Thanks for sharing that with us. You had some interesting ideas there.


While we may have mastered the theory of how to do localization,
implementations are finally catching up with the theory but we have a ways
to go. However, I'm glad that people are looking to identify and understand
future issues.

We may also have situations where we need to reverse engineer an
internationalized product. For example, what if an organization has
customized a commercial US English application and then the vendor
internationizes the next release? Assuming that the customization did not
use good I18N practices, what parts of the customization would break?

Color is definitely an issue. If you have every been in one of the older
Chinese restaurants, you know that the Chinese have a high regard for the
color red.

Icons are not independent of culture, so we need to be careful with them.

Best regards,
Ed Hart

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