Re: utf-7

From: Erik van der Poel (
Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 16:36:35 EDT

Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> There is no Unicode Consortium procedure to officially recognize
> the obsolescence of UTF-7. The way we handle such things is to
> stop documenting them in our standard. UTF-7 was explained in detail
> in the Unicode Standard, Version 2.0, but that section has been
> dropped from the forthcoming Unicode Standard, Version 3.0.
> However, as long as the relevant RFC for UTF-7 is available, and
> mail protocols and implementations refer to it, UTF-7 will not
> be obsolete, per se. It is, however, obsolescent, in that we are
> not encouraging new uses of it and hope that old ones will gradually
> be replaced by UTF-8 when possible.

Adding to Ken's fine comments, the Unicode Consortium and IANA (Internet
Assigned Numbers Authority) are two separate organizations. The "UTF-7"
*name* is registered with IANA for use on the Internet. Here is the
registration procedure:

Use the following to join the mailing list where IANA charset names are

Use the following to send mail to that list:

An archive of the mail sent to that list previously is at:

Take a look at the archive. There was some email recently about
deprecating the charset "unicode-1-1".


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