RE: Internationalization--the next generation

From: Dan Oscarsson (
Date: Thu May 27 1999 - 02:16:02 EDT

>With Office 2000 about to hit the stores, I can't resist suggesting that the
>people in this thread see what applications like Word 2000 have done with
>nonWestern locales. For example, the US version of Word 2000 can be told to
>adopt many different User Interface (UI) conventions, e.g., Arabic, Hebrew,
>Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, etc. This is done with simple dialog
>choices that can be executed by an administrator or by the end user. The
>SouthEast Asian version of Word 2000 adds UIs for India, Vietnam, and

You could also see if they have understood that the same icons cannot be used
in all western locales. For example in MS Excel 97 there are icons
for input that you can klick on to reject the input as bad or accept
it as good. The icon for accept (the sign you often see in a checked
check box) does not work well, in some countries it means error.


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