Re: Tamil and Unicode

From: Jeroen Hellingman (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 13:21:26 EDT

The question pops up once in a while. You can use the Unicode characters
for Tamil in your XML documents, but you will need software that is capable
rendering Tamil correctly, that is, using the correct ligatures of consonant
and vowels,
etc., if you want to be able to read it. The encoding would be the same as
for other
Unicode files. Unfortunately, very few software packages support Tamil
as of now. One product that does support Tamil in Unicode is Unitype Global
Writer, but
unfortunately, you still have to select a Tamil font manually when it
a Tamil character, as it won't do it automatically. I consider this a big
shortcoming, as
I need to switch scripts extremely often. (I evaluated it for dictionary
making, in which the
scripts switch several times for each headword.).


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