Re: Hexadecimal in many scripts (ISO 14755)

From: Jonathan Coxhead (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 14:59:48 EDT

 | keysym Unicode keysym name UTF-8 Unicode name
 | 0x06c1, 0x0430 Cyrillic_a D CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER A
 | 0x06c2, 0x0431 Cyrillic_be D CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER BE
 | 0x06c3, 0x0446 Cyrillic_tse + CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER TSE
 | 0x06c4, 0x0434 Cyrillic_de D' CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER DE
 | 0x06c5, 0x0435 Cyrillic_ie D CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IE
 | 0x06c6, 0x0444 Cyrillic_ef , CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER EF
 | 0x06e1, 0x0410 Cyrillic_A D_ CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER A
 | 0x06e2, 0x0411 Cyrillic_BE D` CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER BE
 | 0x06e3, 0x0426 Cyrillic_TSE D CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER TSE
 | 0x06e4, 0x0414 Cyrillic_DE D" CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER DE
 | 0x06e5, 0x0415 Cyrillic_IE D CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER IE
 | 0x06e6, 0x0424 Cyrillic_EF D CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER EF

   When I learned the Russian alphabet at school, it started

      a, be, ve, ge, de, e, e", ...

I think the order you've used here is based on a character set designed
so that entry of Russian using a Latin keyboard was not too much of a

   But shouldn't the digits used for 10--15 depend on the digits used
for 0--9, rather than on the alphabet used for text? If the user is
using the ASCII digits 0--9, then wouldn't they expect to use the Latin
letters a--f or A--F?

   And users with a preference for a different set of digits would
expect the hexadecimal digits to appear visually harmonious: e g, when
using \u0A66----\u0A6F GURMUKHI DIGIT ZERO--NINE, you might expect to
use the first six letters of the appropriate alphabet; but if you were
using ASCII digits (in an otherwise Gurmurkhi environment), you'd
probably prefer to see a--f.

   Just my 2\u00A2 ...

 o o o (_|/

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