Re: Some thoughts on character decomposition

Date: Sat Jun 05 1999 - 17:00:00 EDT

If, as John suggested, a ZWSP is inserted into a URL, and someone then copies
and pastes that URL into the address window of their browser, what will be the

I just tried this copying from Word 97 (which doesn't understand the semantics
of 200B, by the way, and treats it as word-forming - oh well, this isn't a
discussion about Word), and pasting into IE 5. the ZWSPs were replaced by "?"s.
Not the best result for an unknowing user.

What if ZWSPs were in the URL that the browser tries to access (assuming a day
when URLs can contain Unicode characters)? What then? If they're not ignored,
the result will be "page not found". Not the best for *any* user.

Invisible characters are prone to lead to all sorts of usability problems,
unless code is explicitly added to treat them with great care.


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