Re: Hexadecimal in many scripts (ISO 14755)

From: Alain LaBont\i\ (
Date: Sun Jun 06 1999 - 19:32:56 EDT

A 00:00 99-06-06 -0700, Mark Davis a écrit :
>On a previous system, we always had three methods of entry for Unicode
>characters, aside from switching keyboards. You could pick any one of
>these, or mix or match.
>2. Name input. If you typed <special key> while your caret was right
>after a non-hex string, it interpreted the preceding characters as a
>Unicode name (or approximation thereto). That meant if you typed
>"SMILE<convertKey>", it would convert that to a U+2323. This is even
>handier than the hex method, since you never had to remember the hex
>code. This didn't work really well with long names such as "LATIN
>CAPITAL LETTER N WITH CARON<special key>", so...

[Alain] ISO/IEC 14755 makes provision for feedback of a character into the
user's language. A good user interface should respect the language of the
user in all circumstances.

Alain LaBonté

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