Re: Hexadecimal in many scripts (ISO 14755)

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 13:07:44 EDT

> > 4. Another method is to have a pop-up insert-symbol box, something like
> > the Windows Character Map.
> That becomes a rather substantial application if it's going to
> handle all the characters, or even all the symbol characters,
> in Unicode easily. It will have to provide searching as well
> as browsing, and then the no-Latin-letters problem resurfaces.

"Substantial" depends on your point of view. If the host operating
system supports Unicode, a Character-Map symbol picker style dialog, is
pretty straightforward; I believe any good competent programmer could
bring it to alpha quality with about 1-2 weeks of work.

Even adding name lookup is pretty straightforward, just a text field &
simple little database file. No-latin letters is solved by translating
the names database that this program uses; whether or not to translate
depends on the market requirements.

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