Bibliographic coded character set standards

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For information: Bibliographic coded character set standards

Those discussing the various 8-bit standards (ISO 8859-nn)
which are maintained by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG3 (as opposed to
ISO/IEC 10646 which is maintained by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2)
may be interested to know that thee are yet more 7-bit/8-bit
standards which are likely to be added to the work of

Bibliographic coded character set standards have been maintained by
ISO/TC46/SC4/WG1, and it has been resolved that six of these should
be transfered to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2, with only a couple being retained
by ISO/TC46/SC4 until issues about mapping to ISO/IEC 10646 have been
sorted out.

ISO/TC46 N 1540 notes the resolution, by the ISO/TC46 Advisory Group:

"Resolution 4: TC46 endorses the [ISO/TC46] SC4 proposal to transfer
the six character set standards to JTC1/SC2 as described in TC46
N1534 and directs thte TC46 Secretariat to prepare a written
agreement in coordination with the representatives of JTC1/SC2,
outlining the terms of the transfer."

As well as ISO/TC46 N1534 and N1540, further information can also be
found in ISO TC46/SC4/WG1 N235.

It may be possible to obtain these documents from your national
standards bodies.

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