Many new X11 ISO10646-1 BDF fonts available

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Sat Jun 19 1999 - 14:31:32 EDT

Markus Kuhn wrote on 1999-04-24 09:16 UTC:
> I just made a wonderful discovery: Many of the ISO 8859-1 BDF fonts
> (e.g. 75dpi/lutRS12.bdf) in the X11 distribution contain numerous
> additional Postscript characters that are just not available under the
> ISO 8859-1 encoding. They have an ENCODING field of -1 and character
> names such as
> fl endash dagger Zcaron oe Ydieresis dotlessi lslash Lslash daggerdbl
> fi guilsinglright OE emdash caron ogonek hungarumlaut guilsinglleft
> dotaccent breve bullet tilde circumflex quotedblleft quotesingle
> scaron ring quotesinglbase florin trademark fraction grave perthousand
> ellipsis quotedblright Scaron quotedblbase zcaron
> It seems to me, that almost the full CP1252 repertoire and more is
> available hidden in a large number of X11 bdf fonts; it is just not
> accessable via the ISO 8859-1 encoding.
> All these fonts should definitely be converted into the ISO 10646-1
> encoding to make all characters in them available to users.

I have just completed doing exactly that. ISO10646-1 versions of the
Adobe, B&H, etc. X11 fonts are now available from

Please have a look at them and let me know if you spot any problems. I
plan to submit this file as an XFree86 patch in a couple of days.
Recoding these fonts, which are widely used by Netscape, GTK, etc., into
ISO 10646-1 not only makes around 30 (for Times Roman even more)
additional important typographic characters available in all the
different sizes and styles, but also lays the foundation for adding
manually even more characters as required.


Markus G. Kuhn, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK
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