Unicode 3.0 data files (beta) available!

From: Kenneth Whistler (kenw@sybase.com)
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 23:05:09 EDT

To all Unicode implementers:

The moment is at hand. The Unicode 3.0 data files are now publicly
available for you all to get to work on early implementations of
Version 3.0 of the Unicode Standard.

See the following URL for details on the Unicode website:


The Unicode Technical Committee has decided to have a beta period
for the data files, starting today and extending until approximately
August 15, when we will lock down the final versions of all of
the data files in synch with the pending publication of the
book version of the standard.

During the beta period, all of the data files are available at the
following location:


All of the data files have a "beta" in their names for now. For
example, the main UnicodeData data file is:


During the beta period, we encourage all implementers to exercise
all of the data files and to report any problems you encounter to:


Any problems which are caught early enough we will try to fix before
the end of the beta period, before the files are frozen for
publication. We have tried hard to ensure that the data files are
complete and correct, so you shouldn't expect them to change much
during the beta period, but just be aware that there is the possibility
of minor changes, should any errors be reported.

A few of the data files are not yet available: Index.txt, PropList.txt,
and Unihan.txt. We are working on those, and they will be added to
the 3.0-Update directory as soon as they are ready for posting.

Once the beta period is complete, we will be removing the "beta" from
the names in the 3.0-Update directory, and we will then update
the main unidata directory to version 3.0. Until that time, the
main unidata directory will continue to contain the Unicode Version
2.1.9 data files.

Please note that this beta release of Unicode Verson 3.0 also
includes some technical reports. A number of new technical reports have
now been officially approved by the UTC. There are also new draft technical
reports on Case Mapping, Interoperable 32-Bit Serialization, and
Regular Expression Guidelines available for review. See the
following URL on the Unicode website for up-to-date details:


--Ken Whistler

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