From: Karlsson Kent - keka (
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 04:28:58 EDT

> > We have in WG20 enhanced the locale syntax to be able to cater for
> > ISO 10646 in the forthcoming ISO/IEC 14652 TR.
> Although to be fair, it should be noted that there is a very sharp
> difference of opinion *within* WG20 about just how effective or
> accurate that enhancement is for handling ISO 10646 in
> ISO/IEC 14652 TR.

Indeed. It would be better to always use the data found in
the 'Unicode character database' file, rather than that found
in other lists of character properties, lists that are not kept
as up-to-date nor are as keenly reviewed. And even if they
so were, might still arbitrarily, and implicitly, diverge from
Unicode's data.

/Kent Karlsson (member of AG22, Swedish tag to SC22/WG20)

> --Ken Whistler (member of L2, U.S. tag to WG20)

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