Re: Umlaut and diaeresis

From: Jeroen Hellingman (
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 13:12:16 EDT

Likewise, Indian telephone books sort all names that are spelled the
same in the local script, but have been transliterated in many ways by their
owners together under the most common transliteration, and includes cross
references under the other names.

Chawdhuri, Caudhuri, Chowdhoori, .... etc. all can be found next to each

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Phone books (and similar) in general sort things specially. E.g.
one sorts several name variations under the most common spelling.
This should not affect the basic method of sorting/ordering/collation
of textual data. E.g. in a Swedish phone book, you will find 'Müller'
sorted as (nonexistent) 'Myller' (by general basic ordering rule for
Swedish) and 'Carlzon' sorted as 'Karlsson' (by a 'common spelling
for *this name*' rule). The latter, of course, does not apply in
general, but is similar to sorting according to data in an alternate
spelling field.

/kent karlsson

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