Re: New German orthography

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 21:46:59 EDT

Am 1999-6-22 um 17:30 hat Otto Stolz geschrieben:
> The official regulation does not have any particular spelling, or
> hyphenating, rules for Fraktur (or German script, btw). One would
> expect, at least, a rule about long vs. round "s", but there isn't
> any.

As I have been told by a member of the spelling commission, the
official rules are meant only for the government realm, viz. for
teaching in schools and for the authorities' own writing. As both
of these always use roman type (Antiqua), and never Fraktur, there
are no official rules pertaining particularly to the latter.

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   Otto Stolz

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