Re: UTF-8 and POSIX locales

From: LaBont\i, Alain (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 15:05:29 EDT

A 11:01 99-06-25 -0700, Tony Harminc a écrit :
>I am aware of three sets of multipliers in common use (at least in
>Canada): those of SI, those of the financial world, and those of the
>tabloid newspaper headlines.
>SI Financial Tabloid Multiplier
>k (kilo) M (Roman) G (grand) 10**3
>M (mega) MM (Roman) B (billion) 10**6
>G (giga) MMM (rare) Tr (trillion) 10**9

[Alain] The problem with the otherwise interesting Tabloid case that you
quote is that they do not make sense in French (they are not used in in
French tabloid newspapers in Canada, nobody would understand -- btw I think
you shifted the millions to billions and the billions to trillions (*) )

   I was not aware that the financial world used M, MM, and MMM notations.

Alain LaBonté

(*) It is already complicated to see that billion (fr) = trillion (en)
    and that milliard (fr) = billion (en)

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