Re: phonetic superscripts, etc.

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Sun Jul 04 1999 - 11:00:27 EDT

It sounds like you are suggesting that whenever a letter could collate
differently, it should be cloned. That would end up with a muddle of visually
identical characters, especially for Latin. There would be at least three copies
of a-diaeresis, for example.

If you really had a mixture of IPA, Greek, and Latin, and wanted words sorted
three different ways, then you should tag them appropriately; just as if you
wanted Swedish and German words to sort differently.


Michael Everson wrote:

> Ar 01:32 -0700 1999-07-04, scríobh Edward Cherlin:
> >My question can be put another way. Should IPA characters be mapped
> >one-to-one into Unicode characters, or should IPA be considered a different
> >data type?
> <astonishment>What on earth?</astonishment>
> IPA is already a part of the UCS.
> >Is it just a writing system like all other writing systems or
> >should the process which goes from a sequence of IPA entities to a graphic
> >image (on screen, paper, or whatever) include a translation from IPA to
> >formatted Unicode characters, thus decoupling the problem of defining IPA
> >entities from the problem of defining the mapping from formatted character
> >strings to lists of glyph/position pairs for rendering them.
> IPA uses the Latin alphabet and various diacritics. Unfortunately in my
> view there are some Greek letters which haven't been "cloned" into Latin
> for IPA support, which I guess will make sorting of Greek & IPA data
> impossible. That's the only problem with IPA in the UCS.
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