Re: Printer that can handle Unicode fonts

From: Juliusz Chroboczek (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 18:45:08 EDT

"mjdgreen" <>:

MG> PostScript is great at handling most things away but the original
MG> request was for a inkjet printer that would handle UNICODE.

Yep, I may not be replying to the question. It may be simpler to just
download rasters to the printer.

I'm sorry if I come through as a PostScript bigot, but the truth is
that I am. I just happen to believe that PS solves certain problems
in a technically very decent manner, and really don't like the
alternate solutions.

MG> Since the MSGothic font is 5.4Mb long and does not cover all of
MG> UNICODE we must assume that a larger font is required. Adding 50%
MG> gets close to the CYBERBIT font. Now we have to down load that as
MG> a type 42 into the printer.

<bigot type="PostScript">

All standard organisations of PostScript fonts support partial
downloading. Type 42, Type 32, and some organisations of Type 3 (and
possibly also Type 1, but I'm not sure) also support incremental


(Partial downloading: the driver scans the document and only downloads
 the subset of the font consisting of the glyphs that the document
 Incremental downloading: the driver starts by downloading an empty
 shell of a font. As glyphs become needed, they get downloaded into
 this shell; the driver keeps track of which glyphs have already been
 downloaded, so as to never download a glyph twice.)


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