Re: Latin-1's apostrophe, grave accent, acute accent

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 06:21:14 EDT

>>After having given a lot of careful thought about this, and having used
>>the modified X11 fonts for several months now myself, I am inclined to
>>favour B). I in general prefer to do the 'right' thing more than doing
>>the `traditional' thing. However, I imagine that this could lead to some
>>controversial discussion with some ASCII veterans. Comments and opinions
>>would be very welcome.

>Just do the right thing.

I agree with Asmus. The ASCII veterans have probably given up the
typewriter tradition where l is typed for 1 an O is typed for 0. (Of course
they and thousands of typists still type two spaces after a full stop,
which was a convenience to the lead typesetter but which was never ever
supposed to be printed.) The Right Thing is better.

My paper on apostrophe &c. is finished, but I decided I wanted to make it a
WG2 contribution as well and I'm waiting for Mike Ksar to get back from his
holidays to assign me a document number.

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