Re: TeX and UCS [was: Latin-1...]

From: Werner LEMBERG (
Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 17:59:52 EDT

   (By the way, Markus, what do you know about work to make Emacs
   Unicode-based? I would love to switch to a Unicode-based Emacs
   (the FSF version, not XEmacs).)

We[*] have already settled on an internal scheme to support Unicode
including surrogates (which will be just one of a large collection of
encodings -- support for e.g. CCCII will be there also), but until
today noone has had really time to implement it. Right now, after the
appearance of FSF Emacs 20.4, it is the best moment to volunteer! For
details, please contact RMS and/or me.

To avoid misunderstandings: The large collection of supported
encodings is fully customizable -- it will of course default to
Unicode, and the use of, say, JIS and Unicode simultaneously is
strongly discouraged (nevertheless possible).


[*] It was a private discussion of about 8 people 15 months ago.

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