From: Roozbeh Pournader (
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 08:16:03 EDT

About 0xA4 in ISIRI-3342, the current one is only my opponion. I think
it's really a currency sign that in a Persian-capable program/font, should
be rendered with a glyph variant shaped like the one you told.

It really depends. You may prefer to map it to the letters that make
"rial". But it will have problems with roundtrip.

(BTW, if you coded it to REH, FARSI YEH, ALEF, LAM, don't forget to add
ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER before and after the sign if necessary.)

(BTW 2, there is also a standard Iranian keyboard, by ISIRI. Do you think
it will help if I provide a table soon?)


On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Torsten Mohrin wrote:

> I have a copy of ISIRI-3342 standard (a scanned version that I found
> somewhere), where the character on code position 0xA4 is explicitly
> called RIAL SIGN. And the shape is simply the word "rial", written out
> (in Arabic, of course). Your table says: CURRENCY SIGN (mapped to
> U+00A4).
> RIAL SIGN cannot be mapped to a single Unicode character so mapping to
> CURRENCY SIGN would be more practical. But if 0xA4 was used as a Rial
> sign and rendered "rial" in existing software and documents, mapping
> it to CURRENCY SIGN would cause loss of information.
> Can you clarify this? How was 0xA4 used in ISIRI-3342?
> Anyway, thanks for the tables!

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