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Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 12:23:41 EDT

    Roozbeh> On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Mark Leisher wrote:

>> Roozbeh, I have some images I made the ISIRI 2901 information someone
>> sent me, but I did not have enough information about where the voice
>> marks are placed. If you have more information, that would make me
>> happy :-)

    Roozbeh> The table you gave is very wrong. Normal keys are perhaps based
    Roozbeh> on 1988 version of ISIRI 2901 (old version), but many of the
    Roozbeh> shifted characters you gave are not used in Iran. I am including
    Roozbeh> a 2901 table I created just now. It may have some typos, because
    Roozbeh> I did have time to check it from scratch. Also, would you suggest
    Roozbeh> a better way for encoding the table?

Kheili mamnoon, Roozbeh.

Many of the additional characters I have on our 2901 variation are for Pashto.
This is strictly a local thing. I just forgot to remove them before making
the images. The only other Persian keyboards I know of are based on the
similar phonetics between Persian and English.

    Roozbeh> There is specially a SHIFT-SPACE key stroke that maps to ZERO
    Roozbeh> WIDTH NON-JOINER, and I don't know how may I show this on a
    Roozbeh> table. How do other standards for keyboards tell keyboard layout?

I have updated the web page a bit and will be adding some more Persian
keyboard mappings that we use locally. Simple ASCII mapping tables will be
added later. Other standards basically just provide a picture or a table like
your table.

Finally, I can not get your Unicode page at:
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