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From: Torsten Mohrin (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 16:51:51 EDT

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999 12:40:07 -0700 (PDT), Mark Leisher wrote:

>I have finally stolen enough time to start putting some keyboard layouts out
>where people can use them. I currently have the Arabic and Persian keyboards
>up, and will eventually be adding a lot more. If you find errors, please let
>me know.

Regarding the mapping tables: identifying the keys by their
corresponding characters on a US layout is a little bit problematic.
How do you identify positions on the numeric key pad? Windows' Arabic
keyboard layout uses the two upper right keys on the numeric key pad
(normally assigned '-' and '+') for non-joiner and joiner (when

Apart from that, _my_ keyboard looks different and has one additional
key that can produce characters. First of all, it should be mentioned
that the keyboards in question are the so called MF II keyboards with
101 or 102 keys. The normal keyboards used in Germany have 102 keys
(and I think the same is true for other European keyboards). The
positions of some keys (e.g. in the "areas" <enter>/<backspace>, <left
shift> and <esc>) vary often on keyboards.

And I guess there exist a lot of other layouts and assignment (e.g.
manufacturer specific). Therefore mapping tables for keyboard layouts
cannot be generally applied.

I wish there would be a solution to all that.

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