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Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 22:49:48 EDT

Let's clarify some terminologies..

1. Hangul
    Hangul is a Korean writing system invented in the middle of the 15th
century by King Sejong and a committee of scholars assembled by the King.

2. Korean
    The language of the Koreans, written in Hangul, the Korean alphabet,
possibly in the Altaic family.

3. KS C
    Korean Standards, Category C
             Category of Korean Standards
        A : Basic Standards & Miscellaneous
        B : Mechnical Engineering
        C : Electrical & Electronic Engineering
        D : Metals
        E : Mining
        F : Civil Engineering & Architecture
        G : Household Goods & Office Supplies
        H : Food Products
        K : Textiles
        L : Ceramics
        M : Chemical Emgineering
        P : Medical Equipments
        R : Transportation Machinery
        V : Shipbuilding
        W : Aircraft & Aviation
        X : Extension of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

4. KS X 1001 (aka KS C 5601)
    Code for Information Interchange (Hangul & Hanja) - National Standard
of Hangul and Ideographic characters (Kanji) coded set. It follows ISO-2022
extension (DBCS) rules.
5. KS X 1005 (aka KS C 5700)
    Information technology - Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character
Set(UCS). - This standard specifies the Universal Multiple-Octet Coded
Character Set(UCS). The UCS is a coding system different from that
specified in ISO-2022. And this standard synchronized with ISO/IEC 10646-2.

6. GB and BIG5
    GB and BIG5 are a coded character sets for China and Taiwan. It follows
ISO-2022 extension (DBCS) rules.

Dae Hyuk Ahn.

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Does anyone know what the difference is, if any between Hangul and KSC for
Korean. The more general question is whether font type (i.e. GB or Big 5
for Mandarin) is synonymous with a Unicode script? If not, then what the
difference is?



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