Re: Text and Anti-Text

Date: Fri Aug 13 1999 - 12:32:04 EDT

       Dean Snyder wrote:
>I propose that 10646 reserve the 32nd bit as a flag bit
       signifying text versus meta-text...

       Welcome to the list!

       I think this is an interesting proposal. I've thought there
       would be definite advantages to being able to clearly
       disambiguate text and meta-text directly in the encoding.

       I see a serious problem in your proposal, though: it works only
       for UCS-4 (assuming a redefinition to support bit 31 = 1). Most
       people are likely to work with text stored as some variant of
       UTF-16 or as UTF-8. UTF-16 has no way to represent characters
       above x7FFFFFFF; neither does UTF-8, at least as supported by
       Unicode (I haven't seen ISO's specs on UTF-8). So, while your
       suggestion may have some merit in terms of the benefits it
       would achieve, it has a serious limitation in that there is no
       way to incorporate it into the way most people will actually
       implement the standard.

       I don't want to keep you from looking for solutions to achieve
       the benefits you desire. (And I dearly hope this negative
       feedback on your first foray onto this list doesn't turn you
       off from further interaction.) I'm just not sure this solution
       would work.


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