behaviour of ZWNBSP (was Re: Unicode and Kermit)

Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 09:01:02 EDT

>So ap<ZWSP>ple will count as two words, but ap<ZWNBSP>ple
       counts as one. Now, we are actually talking about word
       selection and arrow keying, but this is related to line
       breaking, so looking at UTR#14 Line Breaking Properties (http:
       // might be useful.

       Your examples make sense, given the assumed behaviour of
       ZWNBSP. But where is this behaviour defined? Yes, in terms of
       line breaking, it is defined in UTR14. By virtue of the NB in
       ZWNBSP, I wouldn't expect lines to break there. But it isn't a
       given that word selection should have the same behaviour. I
       would expect that


       should all have a word count of 2, by virtue of the SP in
       *both* ZWSP and ZWNBSP. It seems to me that *the only purpose*
       for having ZWNBSP would be to logically separate words that
       visually are to be kept together. E.g. (see p. 6-131) I may
       want to insert ZWNBSP before and after the "+" in


       to ensure that no line break occurs, but I wouldn't want the
       whole thing selected if I double click on the "s", nor would I
       want to jump over the entire string if I keyed CTRL-RT_ARROW,
       and I certainly wouldn't expect my spell checker to recognise
       "base+delta" as an English word (either including or ignoring
       the ZWNBSPs).

       Have I missed something? Is the behaviour of ZWNBSP vis-a-vis
       word selection and arrow keying (but not line breaking) defined
       somewhere that I've overlooked?


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