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Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 16:28:55 EDT

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>Please note that there are now two ISO International Registries on
>character sets. One is the ISO/IEC 2375 registry, the other is the
>ISO/IEC 15897 registry (the cultural registry found at
> -also known as the CEN ENV 12005 registry)
>The cultural registry is actually more appropiate for Internet use
>as it has been designed for it, and also that Internet IAB
>recommendations and RFC 2130 recommends as a policy to use the
>ISO/IEC 15897 registry. This ISO cultural registry contains charset
>descriptions that are alligned with IANA registrations and in
>a standardized format (ISO POSIX charmap) with mapping to ISO/IEC
>10646. It also contains vendor charsets like the PC codepages,
>Mac codepages and EBCDIC encodings.

This recommendation looks like this:

3.4.7: Default Culture

    There is no recommended default for the Culture level. The
    specification technique should be a MIME or MIME-like identifier
    (e.g. Content-Culture) and should use the Cultural register of CEN
    ENV 12005 for its values.

I don't remember anyone proposing this as a source for character set
names at the workshop; I don't think most participants understood what
the registry registered.

                        Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway

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