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From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 14:54:49 EDT

Most of the mozilla source are using unicode in the interface. They are open source
cross-platforms (When I say cross-platform, I mean cross Windows, Mac and Linux,
not just cross between Win95, Win98, and WinNT which defined by Mr. B. G. ) and you
are welcome to use it. They are also modular and you can only use part of them
thorugh XP-COM without pulling the whole mozilla source. Most of the basic unicode
support could be found under mozilla/xpcom/ds and mozilla/intl . But rememeber,
they are not in finaly form yet.

Here are some hints for you to find the "right" code in mozilla

   * String processing- mozilla/xpcom/ds/nsCRT and nsString
   * String Resources/Locale Sensitive Property File Handling- mozilla/intl/strres
   * uppeercase / lowercase mapping-
   * Japanese Hankaku To Zenkaku transform in Unicode-
     mozilla/intl/unicharutil/public/nsHankakuToZenkakuCID.h and nsITextTransform.h
   * Unicode from/to other charset conversion- mozilla/intl/uconv
   * Line breaking / word breaking - mozilla/intl/lwbrk
   * Charset detection - mozilla/intl/chardet
   * Locale operation- Date/Time format, sorting- mozilla/intl/locale
   * Locale [Unix] / Scritp Code [Mac] / Code Page [Window] to Charset mapping-
   * Charset Alias mapping - mozilla/intl/uconv/public/nsICharsetAlias.h
   * Unicode based HTML layout engine- mozilla/layout
   * HTML parser which can handle Unicode - mozilla/htmlparser
   * Unicode Text Display - mozilla/gfx
   * Unicode based cross-platforms widget mozilla/widget/src/xpwidgets

Frank Tang wrote:

> about unicode support api's, there is a number of them available.
> one is available at
> after this, some self-advertising (:-) for the ibm classes for unicode, which
> are open-source, work on a number of platforms including linux and windows, and
> we are continuing to work on them and adding functionality. we are working on
> bidi.
> have a look at the icu link at
> also
> markus
> Markus Scherer IBM Cupertino, CA
> on 99-08-16 17:38:24
> To: Unicode List <>
> cc:
> Subject: Re: combining/fullwidth support for xterm
> On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Markus Kuhn wrote:
> > It would be nice to have something like these in glibc and similar
> > libraries.
> It would be nice for useful unicode support APIs to *not* be in
> glibc, but rather in a highly portable unicode support library.
> Contrary to what many seem to think, there are actually people
> who have good reasons to use non-linux systems both now and in
> the forseeable future. ;-)
> Of course, this is tricky for some gray areas such as C's
> extensible ctype mechanisim and ANSI C functions that directly
> benifict from unicode awareness as you suggest for printf.
> -john

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