Re: Last Call: UTF-16

From: Geoffrey Waigh (
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 16:32:13 EDT

Kenneth Whistler wrote:

[A detailed attack on the IR and why it is of negative value to sorting
out character encoding issues.]

I agree wholeheartedly but as usual let someone with deeper background
make the case.

> Frank da Cruz wrote:
> > 4. An escape sequence is assigned to designate the character set in the
> > ISO 2022 environment. This is an essential component of any character
> > set to those of us concerned with terminal emulation.

But you left this one untouched, so I'll mention that the ISO 2022 escape
sequence doesn't give you anything when emulating non ISO 2022 model
terminals. As a small mercy, those terminals don't have an unbounded
number of character representations that might be sent in a datastream
- conversely you have to configure them out of band for the encoding being


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