Re: Last Call: UTF-16

From: A. Vine (
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 17:41:20 EDT

Frank da Cruz wrote:
> > OK, now you lost me. MIME doesn't "register" anything. It's a protocol.
> > Do you mean IANA?
> >
> Right, sorry. Although I believe that the only use for the IANA character-
> set registrations is for MIME charsets. (Are there any other uses?)

Possibly, though it helps to have official names to refer to, and those names
are not always the MIME-preferred names. It provides a common ground for
discussing particular charsets in technical documents.

The only IANA names I use in implementation are the MIME-preferred ones, in
email headers, HTML pages, HTTP headers, and for certain charset conversion

Are other folks using the IANA names that are not MIME-preferred in


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