Re: Last Call: UTF-16

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 18:28:31 EDT

Peter Constable wrote:
> So, I push for the adoption of those standards that will cover the needs
> of *all* languages, I continue to implement custom, legacy solutions in
> the meantime, and I simply try to find ways to deal with it when these
> solutions don't work as well as we'd like.
The final objective is to cover all human languages and writing systems in
the UCS. But it seems each one needs a trial run in a simpler,
self-contained character set. Perhaps, then, it is not practical to avoid
creating additional single-byte sets. So...

Let's hope that these new 8-bit character sets can be published and shared
so the same work does not need to be needlessly replicated, and to
facilitate a review process that might ensure a better result for the final
UCS versions.

Let's hope that they are not designed around some particular proprietary
architecture and that some consideration has been given to interchange, so
that users of these writing systems have some choice about platforms (this
might mean, for example, following the guidelines of ISO 4873).

And let's hope we can avoid the term "legacy" in this connection. There's
nothing legacy about it. It's groundbreaking work. It's nothing to be
ashamed of.

I suspect that Michael's or SIL's website might be a good place from which
to coordinate this activity, to whatever extent this is not being done

- Frank

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