Re: Camion Code, new phonemic writing system

Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 21:28:15 EDT

>Why Invent a New Form of Writing?

>English is a somewhat eclectic language and its spelling shows
       the traces of its borrowings from various other languages and
       cultures over the last 1000 years or more. However, this has
       left its spelling something of a 'hodge-podge', with multiple
       spellings for a given sound, and several pronunciations
       possible for a given spelling (e.g. to 'read', and to be
       'read', or the infamous 'ough').

       What you're attempting has been attempted before in different
       variations. If you can find a copy of "The Conversion of
       Scripts", by Hans Wellisch (pub. 1978, if I recall), you might
       be interested to learn some of the history and of some of the
       successes and failures.


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