Re: Camion Code, new phonemic writing system

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 13:27:45 EDT

Ar 09:52 -0700 1999-08-19, scríobh A. Vine:
>Michael Everson wrote:
>>Of course, I'm a standardizer so I like this kind of thing. Doubtless the
>>only way such a spelling reform were to be implemented, however, would be
>>if the non-native speakers of the world were to get together and decide
>>that they were going to do it. The natives don't seem to have the will for
>Some of us don't have the desire for it.

Probably because you were a "good speller" in school. I was. Lots and lots
of people aren't. One of the reasons is the irregularity. Kids are smart,
and a kid who spells short [u] oo in foot and who spells long [u:] oo_e in
spoone is using his brain and correctly exploiting the system.
Unfortunately, when he does this he is wrong, and that is bad.

The cool thing about Wijk's system is that anyone already literate can read
it with no problem whatsoever, unlike many other reforms. (Actually, he has
a more radical reform, but I much prefer his "Lite" version, as it is a
simple set of corrections.)

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