Re: spaces (was TeX (was: apostrophe etc.)

From: JoAnne Marie (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 21:28:34 EDT

> TeX distinguishes between normal spaces and spaces after a sentence.

> according to at least US typewriter rules are represented by a double
space on typewriters (not so Europe).

Thank you for this information; as an American, I was taught to double
space between sentences, but have been dismayed to see that the Brits don't!

I had thought for the Camion Code, to keep it 'footprint' small, to use one
space as a word break, 2 for an end-of-sentence, and 3 consecutive spaces
to indicate end-of-paragraph (and if no further 'characters', end-of-text).
 Would need to program the manipulating software to 'recognize' these 3
'conditions', and in the case of 'transcription', convert them
appropriately. >>smart-space algorithms?

JoAnne Marie,
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