Re: Shorthand (Re: Camion Code

Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 11:53:04 EDT wrote:
> If English were written
> phonetically, with different spellings in Australia,
       NZ, India,
> Singapore, Kenya, US, Canada, England, etc. (and all
> multiplied many times by the many different dialects
> those countries), the language - spoken and written -
       would not
> have 1% of the current status that it has in the world

       Scott Horne replied:

>I was opposed to simplified orthography until you suggested
       its introduction would drastically lower the status of English
       in the world.

       A minor revision along the lines Michael suggested done today
       would not likely have any effect on the status of English. I
       was assuming a rewriting of the past millenium of history, but
       if phonetic spelling of English were suddenly forced on the
       world today, it would probably have a major impact on the
       status of the language, with major repercussions for
       international business, research, etc. Of course, that's an
       extremely hypothetical scenario that would never be remotely
       tolerated and, therefore, could only happen in some Orwellian
       world of WriteRight (er... RiteRite).


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