Unicode 3.0 beta concludes

From: Kenneth Whistler (kenw@sybase.com)
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 21:39:57 EDT

Unicode Aficionados and Hangers-on,

The official Unicode 3.0 beta period is now at a close.

All known fixes for the data files reported since the last
beta refresh have been rolled into the files for one last
update in the beta directory.

The following Unicode Technical Reports have also been

     UTR #15: Unicode Normalization Forms
     UTR #11: East Asian Character Width
     UTR #13: Unicode Newline Guidelines
     UTR #09: The Bidirectional Algorithm

Updates for the following Unicode Technical Reports are due

     UTR #14: Line Breaking Properties
     UTR #10: Unicode Collation Algorithm

A little more editorial work may be done on these Unicode Technical
Reports (particularly for UTR #14) before the final versions are
frozen for inclusion with the CDROM for Unicode 3.0, but the long
process of finishing off the editorial corrections is nearly at
an end.

Mark Davis will be circulating a ballot to the UTC shortly, to
confirm in detail any normative changes to data files or TR's that
have resulted from the beta period. Once confirmation is in hand,
the Version 3.0 data files will "go live" in the UNIDATA directory.
Until then, all the Version 3.0 data files will continue to be
available in the 3.0-Update directory, with their "beta" suffixes
as before.

This should be the last change to the Version 3.0 data files (unless
someone reports an absolute showstopper, such as a truncated file
in the ftp directory or the like). From here on out, we are starting
to collect items for Unicode 4.0!

--Ken Whistler

Summary of Beta File Updates in the 3.0-Update Directory

All of the following files have been updated today. If you
implementation depends on any of these files, make sure you refresh
your local copies from ftp://ftp.unicode.org/Public/3.0-Update/







PropList-3.0.0.beta.txt <== newly added. Not available before.


   This overall description of the Unicode Character Database data files
      has been updated, with better information about the informative versus
      normative status of the various data files.

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