Re: New phonemic writing system and IPA usage

From: JoAnne Marie (
Date: Sun Aug 22 1999 - 19:08:08 EDT

>> Remember trying to take notes while listening to a lecturer? Always
>> 'miles behind' because of trying to form letters and spell!
>That's what shorthand is for. (Myself, I have played with making lecture
>notes in an IPA-based scrawl.)

Its the same problem - trying to 'draw' 'arcane' forms!

>The reason English is interesting to learn is not any fundamental property
>of English, more that there is a huge amount of _written_ information and
>literate people, in English. Changing English orthography would break
>that. We might as well all start using Esperanto instead. >--Robert

I am NOT proposing a new LANGUAGE - just a faster, more consistent way to
represent it!

JoAnne Marie,
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