RE: off topic emails

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Mon Aug 23 1999 - 17:24:46 EDT

> What do people think about the following options:
> - Create multiple mailing lists, unicode-announce, unicode-development,
> unicode-standard
> - Add digest support to each of these. The traffic wouldn't always be so bad
> if we had digests that could be skimmed quickly once a day.
> - Set up, as Heinz suggests, an NNTP server at for each of the
> above groups and mirror the mailing lists to these. That would allow people
> to see threaded discussions.
I think any change would only make matters worse, unless some form of
censorship (or moderation) is imposed. I think many (likely most) readers
of the current list would still subscribe to multiple lists, but then begin
to see cross-postings, jurisdictional disputes, "netiquette" debates, etc,
and become disgusted more quickly than by the occasional off-topic ramble.

An unmoderated newsgroup would be full of spam and a moderated one might
prove to be a political hot potato (or to put it another way, a thankless yet
neverending task for the moderator).

The traffic on this list is moderate by almost any standard, and the
discussions civil, well-behaved, and interesting. I don't think we have a
serious problem here. (My opinion, based on more than a few years of
running mailing lists and newsgroups.)

- Frank

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