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Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 14:24:41 EDT

Good question. I'm not sure in general. I'm pretty sure the dotted heh
behaves differently across languages.

I've got some old grammars at home; I'll check tonight.

I do recall seeing in one of them a representation of dal left-joined to a
heh. Also, an examination of handwritten texts would show a much greater
variety of joining behavior than "normalized" typeset text does. For
example, in at least one of the standard Hands, the alef and lam of the
definite article are commonly joined.


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> >It's not clear to me if Joining Class is normative or not:
> presumably it is, though it is not listed in the table at the
> beginning of Chapter 4.
> A question for all the Arabiphiles out there:
> Is the joining behaviour of Arabic characters at all dependent
> upon the language, or are there ever even variations in joining
> behaviour within a language?
> Peter

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