RE: Unicode 3.0 layout suggestion

From: Gary Wade (Volt Computer) (
Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 16:27:56 EDT

How about including a PDF version of the document on the enclosed CD so that
Markus and his peers would be able to compare these settings electronically
(pixel checks can be tested easier than ruler checks with the right
utilities)? Also, it would tremendously help those of us who want to do
searching through the document for particular subjects (I think the index in
2.0 could've used a bit more help).

Of course, I'm sure there's some legal disclaimer that would have to be
included saying that you can't upload the document except to your own
computer and that you can't copy the characters directly in to make a font,
but that could surely be worked out. And, if we go one step further, you
could just sell the CD separately in advance of the print edition for less
than the entire book (electronic pages don't wear and tear as easily as
those wood-pulp versions).
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