unicode standard text on cd

From: schererm@us.ibm.com
Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 20:57:05 EDT

the ultimate goal must obviously be that all standards texts become available on
the web, for free.

who is going to organize the fundraising campains for iso, ieee, unicode, etc.
like the ones for public radio stations in the usa? volunteers?

how about we frequently call all potential users of unicode and ask them for a
pledge? if they pledged $70, then we could give them a t-shirt with "unicode" in
nice, big letters...



ps: seriously, i like electronic manuals. paper feels good but is often
inconvenient. the price could be the same. this (and the above) is my personal

peter_constable@sil.org on 99-08-25 15:44:57

To: Unicode List <unicode@unicode.org>
Subject: Re: Unicode 3.0 layout suggestion

>And, if we go one step further, you could just sell the CD
       separately in advance of the print edition for less than the
       entire book (electronic pages don't wear and tear as easily as
       those wood-pulp versions).

       I and many of my colleagues around the world would be *very*
       happy if there were a CD-only verion, even if it still cost as


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