Re: Page of unicode 3.0 Final Charts (Draft C) Printed 19-May-1999

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 22:45:24 EDT

Frank Tang asked:

> To people who have the privilege and received the Unicode 3.0 Final
> Charts (Draft C) Printed 19-May-1999
> What are those "JIS X0208" charts list in the end of that printout ?
> [Page 517-551] They do not looks like Han charcter encoded in Unicode to
> me. Neither looks like JIS X0208.

It is a Shift-JIS index to the Unihan tables, printed using a
commercial Japanese font.

They *are* the Han characters encoded in Unicode, and they *are*
printed in JIS X 0208 order, with Shift-JIS values.

Compare the charts for Code Page 932 in Nadine Kano's book, which are
comparable, but which include the Microsoft extensions to JIS X 0208.

*grumbles* I guess this just shows there is no pleasing everybody.


> Frank Tang

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