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Date: Sat Aug 28 1999 - 18:57:28 EDT

At 02:59 -0700 8/28/1999, Tex Texin wrote:
>Edward Cherlin wrote:
>> >Of particular interest is an article by Ross King, "Experimentation with
>> >Han'gūl in Russia and the USSR, 1914-1937". One of the experiments was in
>> >decomposing the syllables and writing linearly.
>> When I was in Korea (1967-1968) telegrams were always written linearly.
>I know about ideograms, logograms, and hemigrams. What is a telegram?

It's a measure of weight (sic) for extremely distant objects. It is most
often used in discussing the densities of collapsed stars, specifically in
the interior of a white dwarf or neutron star, as if the sample (typically
a teaspoonful) were in the 1 G field at the surface of the earth, in the
absence of any possibility of performing the experiment.


Western Union ad: Ignore this telegram!
Telegram from actor to producer: Ignore this telegram!
Telegram from producer to actor: What telegram?


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