Question re Microsoft Uniscribe DLL

Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 17:45:49 EDT

We're a software development company with a product supplied in 16 languages
around the world. We've run into problems in the Pac-Rim with language
support/formatting in the Office type of products.

We've read about the Microsoft Uniscribe DLL (usp10.dll) which is shipped
now with NT 5.0 and IE 5.0. This library enables consistent and
standardized layout of complex script, and is based on the Unicode standard.

Does anyone know of an uncomplicated way to get this from Microsoft with the
ability to use it and distribute it with our product? From all our
encounters so far with Microsoft, it seems to be heading down the path of us
having to distribute all of IE 5.0 with our application and report back to
them quarterly...not something we relish doing.

If we don't use this DLL, does anyone know of any other way, including using
the Unicode standards and code libraries on the site, that we should

Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks.

Lynne Pierce
Manager, Support Services
Spicer Corporation - Canada

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