Re: IPA a vowels

From: Scott Horne (
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 11:31:42 EDT

Michael Everson wrote:
> Ar 12:45 -0700 1999-09-09, scríobh John Hudson:
> >IPA is a
> >specialised writing system, and I don't think anyone expects it to be
> >possible or even desirable to produce, for example, an IPA font in the
> >style of 18th Century roundhand script.
> Mmmmmm. Maybe I'll spend some time on the plane to Denmark trying to do
> just that.... much better than a crossword puzzle.... :-)

If you're serious, check some of the IPA's publications. I have one
that shows how the IPA might be written in script by linguists in
the field. If I recall correctly, English and French _r_ are used
for different letters, and the length mark is a slight jog in the
connecting stroke.

Scott Horne

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