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Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 14:41:01 EDT

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> >However, I cannot find information on where the Euro is
> supposed to go in Cyrillic fonts. Slot 219 is generally in use
> by other characters in Cyrillic. I have looked on your site,
> Microsoft's Euro site and Apple's Euro site.

> (I'm not sure why our friends at MS didn't answer this... )

> You didn't indicate what font format or platform you're
> targetting. If you're developing TrueType fonts for use on
> Windows, then all you need to be concerned about is that the
> euro glyph should be accessed in the cmap at x20AC. That's it.
> If you're talking Type 1 and/or Mac, I think there's more
> involved, and I can't help you there.

> If you need to know where the euro is in cp1251, it's at x88
> (d136).

> (Why 219?)

Apple's solution to the euro problem was to replace the generic currency
symbol (decimal 219). Personally, I have trouble seeing this as anything
but a short term solution.

In all MS 8-bit codepages, including 1251, the euro character should be at
decimal 128.

Full Windows Type 1 euro support relies on an upgrade to Adobe Type Manager
which will associate PSname /Euro/ with U+20AC. The same result can also be
achieved by naming the character /uni20AC/. While we're waiting for the new
ATM support, some font developers are including two euros in each font: one
called /Euro/ in anticipation of future ATM support, the other called
/uni20AC/ in anticipation of, er, current ATM support. Department of
Redundancy Department.

John Hudson, Type Director

Tiro Typeworks
Vancouver, BC

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