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From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 16:55:45 EDT wrote:
> Does the Unicode standard apply to UNIX platforms as well as Windows
> platforms?

The answer is a very clear yes.

AT&T's Plan9 operating system, which was authored by the Unix fathers
Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritche, was the world's first operating system
that used exclusively Unicode/UTF-8 as its only character encoding.
Solaris features UTF-8 locales and GNU/Linux is about to follow shortly.

In-depth information on how to get Unicode X11 fonts and the new
Unicode-enhanced xterm release installed on your Unix system are
available on

It is conceivable that in less than 5 years, UTF-8 will have mostly
replaced older ASCII extensions under Unix and other POSIX systems.

Hope this helped ...


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