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> I'm looking for a reference to the Unicode encoding of the 60 or so
> most commonly cited syllabic characters used in the Inuktitut language.
> I know Canadian Syllabics are encoded in the block U+1400 to U+167F, but
> I can't tell just from the character names in UnicodeData-3.0.0.beta.txt
> which are the 'typical' characters and which are not. Even with a
> glyph chart, it might be tough to pick the correct 60 from a block of
> 640 characters.
> The characters I have in mind are depicted in a chart at

For that chart, the Unicode character names are:

             A O I ??? (can't figure out what the top-
             PA PO PI P right cell is supposed to be)
             TA TO TI T
             KA KO KI K
             CA CO CI C
             MA MO MI M
             NA NO NI N
             SA SO SI S
             LA LO LI L
             YA YO YI Y
             FA FO FI F
             RA RO RI R
             QA QO QI Q
             NGA NGO NGI NG
             LHA LHO LHI LH
I also reckon you'll need NNGA, NNGO, NNGI, NNG, NUNAVUT H, GLOTTAL STOP,
CHI SIGN and all the dotted long vowel forms PAA, POO, PII, TAA, TOO, TII,
etc. That makes 115 characters or so.

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