Re: Question about Arabic block description in Unicode 2.0

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Sep 13 1999 - 14:43:05 EDT


I am glad you are reading the standard carefully, but (nearly)
all of your suggestions have already been addressed in the
rewrite of The Arabic section for the Unicode Standard, Version

Once again, I ask the list to refrain from attempting editorial
corrections on the standard at this point. The text for the
Unicode Standard, Version 3.0 is frozen and being prepared now
for copy edit. The editorial committee cannot accomodate more
input at this point, however well-meant.

Please, everybody just take a vacation on this. You will all
have a chance to come back after New Years, pick up your
brand new copy of Unicode 3.0 and can *then* flood the list with
suggestions for new corrections and revisions of the standard.

--Ken Whistler (Editor)

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