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From: Giorgos Georgatos (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 04:51:41 EDT

> >The other application area I have in mind is preparing memos, theses,
> >perhaps books, with standard text-processing tools, again containing
> >substantial quotes in ancient Greek, embedded in German, Italian, or
> >English text. Does, e. g. Word 97, or Word 2000, support polytonic Greek,
> >and how? Where can I find the keyboard driver for ancient Greek Lori B
> >has mentioned, back in 1998, and, of course, suitable fonts?

Windows 2000 have embedded support for Greek Polytonic (Win2000 beta3).
Choose Greek for keyboard language and in options choose Greek Polytonic. The
keyboard driver is the same as the windows NT ver 4.0 keyboard driver. The
driver for Windows NT is available by Microsoft and can be found (and among
other sites) at: One has to know
the way a greek typesetting machine works to introduce accented greek into
Word documents. As Word 97 and 2000 supports Unicode you have no
difficulties to compose docs with English German Greek polytonic quotes.

The keyboard driver solution, Microsoft introduces (win2000 and win nt) seems
to solve a great problem for PC users. The thing left now is to have this
solution for Mac, Linux and Unix systems, and for all Software products to
incorporate Unicode support.

> >Thanks in advance for any hints.
> >
> >Best wishes,
> > Otto Stolz

Greetings to all, from a new in the list
Giorgos Georgatos

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