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Linux + I18n == Li18nux

visit http://www.li18nux.org

September 17th is the 8th birthday of Linux :-)


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attached mail follows:

Members of Linux Research Society and nls mailing list,

The attached is the revised call for participation.

Sorry, you may received multiple copies.

Best regards,
Akio Kido (Mgr. of Application SW proj., DBCS Tech. Coordination Office, APTO)
1623-14, Shimotsuruma, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa-ken 242, Japan (LAB-SA4)
E-mail: kido@jp.ibm.com FAX: +81-462-72-3352

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To: linux-i18n@sun.com@internet
From: Akio Kido/Japan/IBM@IBMJP
Subject: Re: [LI18NUX:111] Re: Call for participation (Document link: Akio


The attached is the revised version of the call for participation.

The changes made are:

     - Correction of names of Hideki and me
     - Remove html file from the letter
     - Add the reference of our information site in US and Asia

Sorry, for having you wait so long time.

Best regards,
Akio Kido (Mgr. of Application SW proj., DBCS Tech. Coordination Office, APTO)
1623-14, Shimotsuruma, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa-ken 242, Japan (LAB-SA4)
E-mail: kido@jp.ibm.com FAX: +81-462-72-3352

From: Co-chairs of Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux)
      Akio Kido (IBM) kido@jp.ibm.com
      Hideki Hiura (Sun Microsystems) Hideki.Hiura@Eng.Sun.Com

To: Technical experts in Linux and Open Source communities,
    Technical experts of Internationalization and National Language
    support, Linux Distributions, Linux related projects,
    Linux related IT vendors, and Linux User Groups in each country

Subject: Call for participation to the Li18nux Working Group

Permission to re-distribution:
    Please feel free to forward or redistribute this call for
    participation to other organizations or mailing lists

We are pleased to inform you that the Linux Internationalization Initiative

(that may be abbreviated as Li18nux or LI18NUX) has been founded in
September 1999, and calling for your participation into this activity.

The Linux Internationalization is a voluntary working group, consisting of
Linux related contributors who are working on Globalization, which is
composed of Internationalization and Localization. The scope of the
activities will be focused on software and application portability and
interoperability in the international context.

Objectives of the working group are as follows:

- Leverage collaborative efforts among contributors of Linux
- Provide a forum for contributors to have technical discussions about
- Perform necessary coordination among projects that are related to Linux
- Actively disseminate Linux Internationalization related information.
- Provide specification of Internationalized APIs and components that
  every distribution should include to ensure application portability and
  interoperability among various Linux distributions.
- Develop a catalogue of Internationalized components of Linux
  (including documentation, message catalogues, etc).
- Establish necessary liaisons with various committees and organizations
  who are working on Internationalization.
- Define a process for creation of and dissemination of a core set of
  Globalized documentation and localizable elements for Linux and
  applications that run on Linux.
- Produce documentation on how to globalize applications and other
  resources for Linux.
- Promote the universal translation of existing and future documentation
  by working with existing documentation and localization providers.

The membership of this working group shall be open to anyone who is
interested in contributing to Linux Internationalization.

If you agree with the above objectives, and work with us together,
please fill in the attached application form and send it to
linux-i18n-request@sun.com. (or linux-i18n-request@li18nux.org
when it becomes available).

Additional information about this group, including our charter,
is available though our Web page http://www.li18nux.org.
The information also become available through
http://www.linuxbase.org/li18nux for access from US, and
and http://www.linuxjp.org/li18nux for access from Asia.

(Note that the above two pages will be migrated to
 http://www.us.li18nux.org and http://www.ap.li18nux.org
 when those sites are set up).

If you would have any question on the Li18nux WG, please feel free
to contact with Li18nux c/o Akio Kido and/or Hideki Hiura.

We are looking forward to seeing and co-working with you.

Best regards,
Akio Kido and Hideki Hiura

Application form to join Li18nux

( Please use English to fill this form in, and send it to
  linux-i18n-request@sun.com )

1. Your name:

2. Your organization / project (if applicable):

   - Name of the organization / project

   - Brief description of the organization / project

   - Contact to the organization / project representative

3. Your E-mail address:

4. URL of your (your organization / project ) Web page:

5. Your postal address:

6. How can you participate in the working group activity?

   - Face-to-face meeting in United States

      Yes / Sometimes / No

   - Face-to-face meeting in your geography if we have

      Yes / No

   - Is there any possibility to host this WG meeting
     in your geography?

      Yes / Provably / No

   - E-mail discussion

      Yes / No

   - Other (please describe)

7. Please introduce yourself:

   - Nationality and your native language;

   - Your technical expertise:

   - Your interest area of Linux and/or Open source components:

   - What contribution would you like to do?

   - What would you like to do in this working group?

   - What would you expect for this working group?

   - Your ambitions about this working group?

8. Please describe your support message to this Working Group

A. Can we put your profile available in our Web site?

   Yes (everything)

   Yes (except the following items)


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